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Muzzle is Not a Dirty Word

Sometimes when asked how work is going, I answer, “Not too bad. I still have all ten fingers.” It’s my poor attempt at a joke, but I’ve realized that a lot of people unfamiliar with veterinary medicine ask if that’s really a risk of the job. Although we have countless wonderful pets that walk through … Continue reading Muzzle is Not a Dirty Word

Turtles and Lizards and Snakes, Oh My!

Exotic pet medicine is an exciting field of veterinary medicine that can greatly differ from the traditional care given to dogs and cats. Many different species are considered “exotic pets” including small mammals, birds, reptiles, and even fish. As you can imagine, the practice of medicine on a rabbit is greatly different from a goldfish. … Continue reading Turtles and Lizards and Snakes, Oh My!


The next creepy-crawly parasites for us to discuss are ticks. Unlike fleas, ticks are not insects. They are actually arachnids, more closely related to spiders than fleas. Ticks are especially abundant in wooded areas around us, but some people don’t realize that the most common place to pick up a tick is from the tall … Continue reading Ticks!