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Starting in April 2021, Dr. Miller will be seeing a limited number of telemedicine appointments on Tuesday mornings. We are providing this service on a trial basis for two months and may offer more of these appointments in the future.

Telemedicine Appointments With Dr. Miller

For non-emergent appointments, a telemedicine/video visit can be scheduled.

The charge is $75 for this appointment, but no additional exam fee will be charged if the pet needs to come into the hospital within 7 days of the telemedicine appointment. (Any additional diagnostic testing at that time will be an additional charge, just like it would be during an in person exam.)

Legally, we still have to respect the law covering Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR), so any new patient would be required to have a follow-up in-person physical exam in order to be prescribed any medications.

This will be a two month trial, so we may be adjusting protocols and procedures as we find out what works best. Please have some patience as we try to discover if this service is something that will be beneficial to help provide even better care for your pet.

If you would like to schedule a telemedicine/video chat visit for your pet with Dr. Miller, please call, text, email, or submit a request via the PetDesk app.


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