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When you have a pet health concern after normal business hours, VetTriage veterinarians are on standby 24 hours aday to assist. For a small fee, you will be connected to the VetTriage veterinarians on a live video chat session. They will triage your pet and give you at-home care guidance, or if they determine hospital care is necessary, refer you to the nearest 24 hour veterinary emergency hospital.


For after hours emergency service we have partnered with VetTriage to offer video telehealth services. The VetTriage veterinarians are available 24/7 and for a small fee, will assess your pet on a live video chat to determine if your pet requires immediate emergency care, or simple monitoring at home until we reopen. In the event that in-person care is needed, VetTriage will coordinate a visit to the hospital on call.

Please visit to set up an account so you can be connected to a veterinarian.



Emergency Care

If you believe your pet is suffering from a medical emergency during normal business hours, we advise that you bring them into to see one of our veterinarians immediately.

Lakewood Animal Hospital
1301 Lakewood Drive
Morris, IL 60450

In the event of an emergency before or after normal business hours, please call us and we will connect you with our on-call doctor.

The following are symptoms that could potentially be serious and warrant immediate consultation with a veterinarian if your pet:

  • Is having difficulty breathing
  • Is having irregular or bloody bowel movements
  • Is vomiting (especially with blood)
  • Is having trouble urinating or is vocalizing while urinating
  • Is bleeding excessively
  • Is acting erratically or biting at imaginary objects
  • Is having a seizure or loss of balance
  • Has suffered heatstroke or severe dehydration
  • Is visibly in pain or panting heavily
  • Has had diarrhea for more than 24 hours straight
  • Has eaten/swallowed a foreign object(s)
  • Has eaten/swallowed a poisonous substance
  • Has suffered serious trauma or injury
  • Seems to have lost its sight (sudden blindness)
  • Is unconscious
  • Has a swollen abdomen that appears painful when touched
  • Is experiencing unusual swelling
  • Is pregnant and having difficulty delivering puppies or kittens

Or anything else that is unusual or worrisome to you!

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